Care about your Health start from Anti-EMI
Celluar Phone User’s Health Protection
Anti-EMI Wall is protection for and enhancement for life. Quartz Frequency Technology (Quartz) provides
revolutionary technologies to protect and enhence celluar phone user’s health by delivering a new generation of 
Anti-Electromagnectic product, The Anti-EMI Wall. Now $16.95 Please call 770-925-1642 For Volume Pricing
ElectroMagnectic Interference has been linked to everything from headache and sleeping problems to
tumours and cancer.
ElectroMagnetic interference is happened by every wired and wireless device you use today in the
form of Electromagnetic Frequencies and Radiation. Some well-known and respected experts are
more concerned that our growing use of these kinds of devices, especially by children, is putting our
health and wellness at risk. Here are some facts worth knowing about: check these articles. is focus on Anti-Radiation green energy products.  Brain cancer cases have increased
rapidly inUS since 1983, currently more than 180,000. Radiationfrom  frequency magnetic waves  is  key contributor  to sharp
increase. Industrial machines, consumer electronics, laptops, and most common cell phones transmit radio frequency magnetic
waves. proudly introduces the Anti-EMI Wall product from Quartz Frequency Technology Inc.(Quartz).  99.99% of
dangerous radio frequency magnetic waves is neutralized by simply attaching anti-EMI wall pad to cell phone.  is
distributing Anti-EMI Wall Pad ,one of many Quartz products. Quartz  have  patents in USA, Japan, PRC China, and Taiwan. Alcatel,
Canon, Digital, NEC, Honeywell are some of Quartz’s distinguished clients. has versatile business solutions for Anti-
EMI product and other EMI products in the vertical integration of supply chains, customized services, and strategic alliances have
been the key to’s business markets.
Quartz has provided the solution for eliminate the electro-magnetic waves for over 99.99% emitting from a cell phone, The Anti-
EMI Wall. The Public Standard Bureau of Singapore and the Industrial Technology Research Institute of Taiwan have verified the
shielding effectiveness of Anti-EMI Wall material. It is an incredibly simple form of protection for millions cell phone users’ health and
The Cell Phone Anti-EMI Wall is a revolution invention.