Care about your Health start from Anti-EMI Anti-EMI Wall Celluar Phone User Health Protection Anti-EMI Wall, Suggest Retail Price $19.95 Celluar Phone Electromagnetic Wave Shield Electromagnetic waves from cell phones may cause long-term effects harmful to a person’s health. Soft tissues in the human body, such as the brain, waist and chest, are extremely susceptible to the effects of magnetic waves. The Cell Phone Anti-EMI Wall Electromagnetic Wave Shield material can block not only the electric waves and, more importantly, the more dangerous magnetic waves for over 99.99% emitting from a cell phone. The Public Standard Bureau of Singapore and the Industrial Technology Research Institute of Taiwan have verified the shielding effectiveness of Anti-EMI Wall material. It is an incredibly simple form of protection for millions cell phone users’ health and safety. The Cell Phone Anti-EMI Wall is very thin (less than 0.2mm) and can be easily installed inside a cell phone. This combination of thinness and concealment means there are no changes to a cell phone’s appearance and performance. An ingenious scientific and medical breakthrough, the Cell Phone Anti-EMI Wall has been granted patents in Japan, PRC, Taiwan and USA. The Genius Medal has been awarded by Dr. Vedres, President of International Federation of Inventors’ Associations (IFIA). The Gold Medals also have been awarded from Taipei International Invention Show and Taitronics, Taiwan and National Invention Show and Fuzhou International Invention Show, China. Buy Anti-EMI Wall, Suggest Retail Price $19.95 (20% discount on 5 pack)   Made with Xara Web Designer Mobile Phone and Brain tumour It is anticipated that this danger has far broader public health ramifications than asbestos and smoking, and directly concerns all of us, particularly the younger generation, including very young childrent. ~ From