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Anti-EMI Wall Lab Test
Anti-EMi product Lab inspection
and testing
Anti-EMI Wall Lab Test
Test is done from professional
laboratory equipment.
Testing environment : Testing
laboratory is surrounded with
electrocmagnectic wave absorber
which is keep away electromagnetic interference.
Testing equipment : ASTM Electromagnetic wave measurement tool,
vector analysis use ASTM E1851 standard test method for
electromagnectic shielding
effectiveness of QFT anti-EMI Wall
shielding film.
Perform More effective RF
measurement by using Vector   
analysis, please watch test video and pay
attention to the signal line change on the
equipment, video also show 2nd times in slow
motion, before anti-emi wall was test, signal
was shown a high magnitude. After anti-emi wall put in to test, it block the
signal communication. it shows 99.99% of the electromagnectic wave was
successfully block by anti-emi wall.